Battle Wagon Belt

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 100% Cut & Sewn In House By Americans for Americans.

After 3 years of testing different variations & designs we've finally gotten to the point of peak performance in a belt system. The Battle Wagon is a Ultra Thin, Ultra Light & Ultra Rigid Outer/Inner Belt system that will hold up literally anything you attach to it. We've achieved this by using the base of the webbing itself as the attachment point for your Molle Pouches removing the need for a 3rd layer of webbing. This makes the pouches sit extremely flat & close up to the body, removing any chance for them sagging even under the heaviest of loads. We've also gone with a slick appearance so Law Enforcement Officers with strict uniform guidelines can use it with no problem at all. The Battle Wagon is a 2 Part Belt System featuring a Velcro Inner & Outer Belt so that it wont adjust or move on you throughout days or weeks of use at a time.



2'' Austri Alpin Cobra Buckle

2'' Scuba Webbing Outer Belt (Hook Velcro On The Inside)

1.5'' Single Layer Scuba Webbing Inner Belt (Loop Velcro On The Outside)


Attachment Methods:


Malice Clips

HSGI Clips

Esstac 2'' Belt Loops



Measure your waist where your belt loops are & choose the matching size below. We've accounted for weight loss or gain, bloating after you eat, sitting down in your patrol car, and just about everything else. Trust us on this!

Do NOT go by your pant size it is NOT the same as your waist measurement.

Belt Size: Measurement

XS: 32'' - 33'' - 34''

S: 35'' - 36'' - 37''

M: 38'' - 39'' - 40''

L: 41'' - 42'' - 43''

XL: 44'' - 45'' - 46''


18 Reviews

Dave 19th Jan 2021

100% honest

Honestly, this is by far the absolute best battle belt I've worn and used. I've had the RDR gear instructor belt, a Ferro concepts, an old duty belt and some padded war belt setups. This is the stiffest and slimmest belt out there, and it fuckin rocks! I'm not bashing the other brands but this belt kicks ass. Super slim, gear doesn't flop around when running or training. No odd pressure points, no chaffing. Just greatness. The lead times we're a little long and communication left some to be desired but the product more than makes up for it. 10/10 i definitely recommend it. It was more than worth the wait.

Rey 6th Jan 2021

Solid Belt

Got a belt for myself and my buddy, best belt we’ve had yet. Rigid and holds up our equipment, has a slick design, and you get cool points.

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