Emissary Belt

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Slim Brass Belt Buckle that allows you to keep the belt centered when using a dual clip holster.

1.5'' Pliable Scuba Webbing Base: Strong enough to hold all your gear & pliable enough to provide all day comfort.

Brass Eyelets to increase the belts lifespan.

Size Chart: 

Measure your waist where your belt loops are (with your EDC gear on) and then choose whichever size has the measurement you got.  

Do NOT go by your pant size

Belt Size: Measurement

XS: 32'' - 33'' - 34''

S: 35'' - 36'' - 37''

M: 38'' - 39'' - 40''

L: 41'' - 42'' - 43''

XL: 44'' - 45'' - 46''

2XL: 47'' - 48'' - 49''

3XL: 50'' - 51'' - 52''

4XL: 53'' - 54'' - 55'' 

316 Reviews

Franky W. 26th May 2020

Emissary Belt

This is my second.... actually third belt (brought one for my Pops) where them every day. Excellent for EDC, extra mags, handcuffs etc under my suite. Highly recommend for concealed carry and or range belt.

Benjamin Franke 26th May 2020

Great EDC and range belt

Been wearing this belt daily for about a month now. It's stiff in the right ways, pliable in the others, looks and feels great, and does what it needs to perfectly. At the range, it holds up to a belt full of gear as well as you could need it to. I love the through the loop method of putting gear on my waist as it seems more secure. This belt does a great job at securing medical, ammo, holsters and other pouches. Highly recommend. Make sure you order the proper size. I'm on the skinny side and medium is almost too big for me for EDC.

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