Emissary Belt

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Slim Brass Belt Buckle that allows you to keep the belt centered when using a dual clip holster.

1.5'' Pliable Scuba Webbing Base: Strong enough to hold all your gear & pliable enough to provide all day comfort.

Brass Eyelets to increase the belts lifespan.

Size Chart: 

Measure your waist where your belt loops are (with your EDC gear on) and then choose whichever size has the measurement you got.  

Do NOT go by your pant size

Belt Size: Measurement

XS: 32'' - 33'' - 34''

S: 35'' - 36'' - 37''

M: 38'' - 39'' - 40''

L: 41'' - 42'' - 43''

XL: 44'' - 45'' - 46''

2XL: 47'' - 48'' - 49''

3XL: 50'' - 51'' - 52''

4XL: 53'' - 54'' - 55'' 

394 Reviews

Dylan 20th Oct 2020

Perfect for appendix carry

This belt has excellent durability combined with the aesthetics of a traditional belt. This is my edc belt and I find that it perfectly stabilizes my Trex arms sidecar (Glock 19/surefire 300u) holster, without standing out visually like a riggers belt would. It’s comparable in weight to a traditional belt as well, and is fairly comfortable for use in a variety of everyday attire. Over time the profile of the belt conforms to the profile of the body without compromising rigidity.

Justin Smiley 17th Oct 2020

Best EDC Belt

I have bought Hanks, Next Belt, Missionary, and Blue Alpha Gear EDC belts. NONE compare to this belt in terms of price, durability, and quality of product. If you are looking for an appendix-worthy option, this is the best fit for your needs!

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