Emissary Gun Belt

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Slim Brass Belt Buckle that allows you to keep the belt centered when using a dual clip holster.

1.5'' Pliable Scuba Webbing Base: Strong enough to hold all your gear & pliable enough to provide all day comfort.

Brass Eyelets to increase the belts lifespan.

Size Chart: 

Measure your waist where your belt loops are (with your EDC gear on) and then choose whichever size has the measurement you got.  

Do NOT go by your pant size

Belt Size: Measurement

XS: 32'' - 33'' - 34''

S: 35'' - 36'' - 37''

M: 38'' - 39'' - 40''

L: 41'' - 42'' - 43''

XL: 44'' - 45'' - 46''

2XL: 47'' - 48'' - 49''

3XL: 50'' - 51'' - 52''

4XL: 53'' - 54'' - 55'' 

243 Reviews

RT Sanford 16th Sep 2019

Emissary Gun Belt

This is my second purchase of the EGB and at first I thought I wouldn't like it because of the changes made to the belt.
This last belt is squared on the end and it made feeding the belt through belt loops a little more challenging but I got used to it so it's not an issue. These are the only belts I wear, I haven't had any issues with them keeping my holster and mag/light pouch in place. On the first belt, purchased almost a year ago, I don't have the inevitable sagging effect in the center of the belt that I got from other belts after daily use. My second purchase was coyote which wasn't available the first time. Highly recommended for EDC.

Chris 15th Sep 2019

Best Belt !!!

This belt is super strong and holds all my stuff easily, with no bending or sagging at all. I may have to buy another, coyote next time.

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