(LITE) Velcro Emissary Inner Belt

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 100% Cut & Sewn In House By Americans for Americans in Miami, Florida.


1.5'' Mil-Spec Loop Velcro sewn around the entirety of the belt to allow the belt to function as an inner belt for Duty/Warbelts.

Slim Brass Belt Buckle that allows you to keep the belt centered when using a dual clip holster.

1.5'' Pliable Scuba Webbing Base: This belt is only 1 ply of webbing & by nature is flimsy; its main use is as an inner belt.

Brass Eyelets to increase the belts lifespan.


Velcro Emissary Inner Belt Selection: (Our Recommendations) 

(LITE) Velcro Emissary Belt: Almost everyone that use velcro inner belts in a duty or all day use capacity choose this model. It's a thin & pliable belt that gives all day comfort even when loaded down with gear on the outerbelt.

Velcro Emissary Belt: This belt is the ideal choice for someone that is not wearing an outer belt all day & needs to be able to put it on in a moments notice; it also functions as a great EDC (every day carry) belt. It carries the weight of an IWB or OWB holster much better than its LITE counterpart.  



Measure your waist where your belt loops are & choose the matching size below. We've accounted for weight loss or gain, bloating after you eat, sitting down in your patrol car, and just about everything else. Trust us on this!

Do NOT go by your pant size it is NOT the same as your waist measurement.

Belt Size: Measurement

XS: 32'' - 33'' - 34''

S: 35'' - 36'' - 37''

M: 38'' - 39'' - 40''

L: 41'' - 42'' - 43''

XL: 44'' - 45'' - 46''



Reviews (1)

Krys 20th Nov 2021

Best belt in a long time.

Light weight and sturdy. Durable stitching, stiff and forgiving at the same time. All day comfort and security for whatever gear your carrying on it. Highly recommend. Using it for LE application, the belt does what I need it to do.

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