Thot Knight

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Thots can no longer hide in the night.


Advised to be worn under Flannel Tops for maximum effectiveness.


Printed on Next Level Apparel T-Shirts with an Athletic Fit (They make your arms look huge)

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Baby Badger 14th May 2019

THOT Knight (Bane)

Definitely a comfy shirt. Fits athletically and has a rich man’s cotton shirt feel to it. Not quit a muscle shirt, but it ain’t made for 12 yo British boy bodies.

True-Nine-One 11th Apr 2019

Hell of a workout motivator for skinny THOTs

1.Comfort: the texture feels good, and wearing this shirt is really comfortable
2.Sizing: I'm a manlet(5'8) so M is a bit longer than I expected(it covers 3/4 of my pecker), but it fits me just fine; however, I'm a skinny thot(male) so athletic fit doesn't make my arms look big, but it sorta motivates me to work out more to make em bigger
3.Bonus: it comes with a Garand in block patch, which is pretty cool. Thank you Ciguera Gear, really dig it
TLDR: cool & comfy shirt, no need to hesitate when it comes to purchasing it

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