Thot Knight

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Thots can no longer hide in the night.


Advised to be worn under Flannel Tops for maximum effectiveness.


Printed on Next Level Apparel T-Shirts with an Athletic Fit (They make your arms look huge)

19 Reviews

Grim_Magic_7 26th Jan 2018

Oh Yes! I will buy more products from Alonso

Received my THOT Knight shirt today and it is everything I imagined and more, high quality graphics, materials are perfect, and fits great! My next purchase will be the EMISSARY GUN BELT. Thank you again for the great craftsmanship!

t3wolfman 23rd Jan 2018

Best. Shirt. Ever.

It may have taken a while for my shirt to arrive but perfection cannot be rushed. I got my shirt in the mail with the pictures of dead commies that I requested (they were out of the hadji scalps). I put on my soft, supple, beautiful Thot Knight shirt and immediately felt my cock grow 3 inches. I kept the shirt on for a while until it was the evening. I walked outside and noticed that I now had the ability to see completely in the dark. This shirt gave me bio-NVGs - remarkable.

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